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 Why is my car jerking, juddering or stuttering?

Why is my car jerking, juddering or stuttering?

As the colder weather descends and the damp mornings become more prevalent, we are more likely to experience that unwanted judder, stutter and jerk in our vehicle.

Wrexham Service Center wants to help you understand the cause of that disconcerting movement you’re feeling and look at some different reasons and what you can do when faced with them.



My car jerks and judders when I accelerate but stops when I take my foot off the pedal.

What could be the problem with my car juddering?
An acceleration issue is often the result of insufficient fuel, dirty fuel, insufficient air, or spark during the combustion process.

A deficient spark can cause the engine to misfire, and this can result in your car jerking when you accelerate. Likewise, worn-out spark plugs or problems with the ignition system can result in your vehicle jerking when accelerating, or damage to the electrical cables may be allowing the ingress of damp causing the engine to misfire.

Another common reason is a clogged catalytic converter, which can disrupt the exhaust system airflow. A couple of indicators that this could be the problem is that you may notice a delay in your car’s acceleration when pressing on the accelerator followed by a lurch or jerk forward. You may also endure the smell of rotten eggs.


If you find out it is something straightforward as a faulty spark plug, you may have the ability to change them yourself. You may also be able to unclog a minor catalytic converter blockage with a good catalytic converter cleaner.

But if you are not sure or have any doubt in your know-how on carrying out these jobs contact Wrexham Service Centre on 01978 265 660.

You can then speak with one of our garage technicians who can arrange for you to visit us. At Wrexham Service Centre, we can unblock, repair or replace your Catalytic Converter depending on the level of blockage or damage. In addition, we can put your vehicle/car on our diagnostic system to trace the issue if it’s an electrical problem.


When I pull away in first gear, my car stutters and shakes until I get into a higher gear.


The most common problem that causes the car to judder or jerk from a standing start is a problem with the clutch.

It could be due to a pressure plate defect, worn-out friction material on the clutch plates (or a combination of both). It could also be related to an oil leak that is contaminating the clutch plate.


Replacing a clutch is a specialised repair. Wrexham Service Centre can replace your clutch or determine if the clutch plate has been contaminated and carry out the necessary repairs.

If you are experiencing a problem with your clutch, call Wrexham Service Centre on 01978 265 660. You can speak with one of our garage technicians who can advise you and arrange a visit to us to get a professional diagnosis.


My car judders when the engine is idling.


From an electrical point of view, a faulty spark plug or another electrical issue could be the fault. From the mechanical side, it is likely to be a build-up of grime resulting in a clogged filter, or the fuel injection system can starve the engine of fuel or oxygen. Any of the above can result in the car juddering when the engine is idling.

A car racks up what could eventually be hundreds of thousands of miles during its lifetime, which inevitably ends up with wear and tear. Its valves can become blocked with sludgy oil deposits the valves can wear out, resulting in reduced fuel intake or oxygen. The result can often be if your car/vehicle doesn’t get an even and continuous distribution of clean fuel or is starved of oxygen, it can start to shudder and shake while it idles.

Also, if you experience juddering while the car is idling, this could be a small leak on the vacuum system or an electrical component breaking down, such as the crankshaft sensor.


A professional mechanic should fix problems such as the ones mentioned above. It is not advised that you try to replace these components yourself.

Call Wrexham Service Centre on 01978 265660, and we will arrange for one of our garage technicians to look under the bonnet and run a diagnostic test to find the root cause of the problem.

Prevention is better than cure.

The best way to prevent unexpected problems with your car is to have it serviced regularly every twelve months or 10,000 to 12,000 miles.

That said, occasionally, things do go wrong while you are on the road, so be sure to have the correct breakdown cover in place just in case.