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image showing a person altering the temperature of the air conditioning in a car

Some see air conditioning as a luxury in a car. Still, when fitted, it plays an important function – it keeps your vehicle cool and, when working correctly, helps improve the air quality inside your car, filtering out pollen, airborne bacteria, pollutants and pollen.

Over time, the refrigerant gas in your vehicle reduces, notably when the system isn’t used regularly. To keep the system working at the optimum level manufacturers recommend carrying out air conditioning service every two years.

We have trained members of our team who will carry out a pre-inspection to determine if your vehicles air conditioning is in need of a service. They will do a temperature check, a refrigerant check, a leak test and an inspection of the system key components such as the compressor, drive belts and hoses.

After pre-inspection, we will discuss the recommended repairs should there be any before any repairs are carried out. We work to your car manufactures guidelines to replace and recharge lubricant and refrigerant levels.

Call us on 01978 265660 to book your air conditioning pre-service inspection.r