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Six Reasons Why You Should Service Your Car Regularly
Keeping your car serviced is essential for numerous reasons and should be carried out at least annually.

Notwithstanding that, no one looks forward to that time of year when the car’s annual service is due. If a car owner is looking to reduce their car’s running costs, the annual service is usually one area that gets missed. At best, it is substituted with a home ‘DIY’ service, or they skip the service entirely.

However, there are six excellent reasons why you should invest the money and get your car serviced at Wrexham Service Centre. CALL WREXHAM SERVICE CENTRE 01978 265660 TO BOOK YOUR SERVICE.

An image of a mechanic servicing a car with the caption it's a false economy not getting your car serviced

It keeps your car/vehicle safe.

Well, there is nothing wrong with donning your overalls and getting your hands dirty and doing an oil and filter change yourself. The problem lies in checking other components and ensuring they are in good condition and the vehicle is safe.

When you bring your vehicle to Wrexham Service Centre, we will always carry out a ‘Total Vehicle Health Check’. Our mechanics can then identify any potential problems or safety concerns. They will check all the significant components, including the brakes, suspension and exhaust system, to ensure they are in good working order and your vehicle is safe and legal on the road.

It keeps the engine healthy.

The modern car can go longer without servicing these days, but they are designed to require maintenance to keep them running smoothly and safely. Having a regular oil and filter change will prevent any dirt or dust from getting into the engine and causing potentially major issues that can be expensive to fix. It will also prolong the overall life span of the car’s engine.

When checking your oil which you should do regularly, the colour of your oil should be dark brown, and if you check it and it is thick and black, we would recommend getting it changed. So next time you are thinking ‘where can I get my car serviced’ consider Wrexham Service Centre.


During the Vehicle Health Check, we’ll check the condition of your tyres, making sure they are in good condition with the correct air pressure and a reasonable amount of tread depth. The legal tread depth limit is 1.6mm; this is the minimum. However, we would suggest a deeper tread depth of around the 3mm mark, as this ensures maximum performance on the road, especially in cold and wet weather.

Purchase your tyres online with Wrexham Service Centre.

Find out more about tyers.

It maintains the warranty.

If your vehicle is new, then getting a regular service is the most important reason to protect the manufacturer’s warranty. It is paramount that you have the services carried out at, or before, the correct intervals. Servicing outside of the manufacturer’s guidelines can invalidate the warranty, possibly leaving you to pick up the repair bill if something should go wrong.

If you have any uncertainty about when your vehicle’s next service is due, refer to your vehicle handbook. You can also call Wrexham Service Centre on 01978 265660, and we will be able to advise you and even get your vehicle booked in for a service should one be due.

It protects the vehicle’s value.

Purchasing a car is costly, quite often one of the most expensive purchases second only to buying a house. Therefore protecting your investment is essential. This can be done by having your vehicle serviced regularly.

Your car/vehicle will be worth more when you come to sell if it has a full-service history. Wrexham Service Centre can help maintain the value by keeping your servicing up to date. To get your car serviced call 01978 265660.

It’s a false economy not getting your car serviced.

There is a cost associated with getting your car serviced, but fundamentally this should be seen as an investment. Having your vehicle serviced at the correct intervals recommended by the manufacturer can save you money in the long run.

It will reduce the depreciation of the vehicle, improve fuel economy and maintain its roadworthiness. It is more than an oil change. We will be checking your brakes, your tyres and your exhaust system. We will be making sure your car is safe to carry you and your passengers. Wrexham Service Centre is one of the most trusted in the Wrexham area; give us a call next time your vehicle is due for a service and be confident that with us, your car is in good hands. CALL WREXHAM SERVICE CENTRE 01978 265660 TO BOOK YOUR SERVICE.