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They are black, round and made of rubber! What else do you need to know? If only it were that simple. The aspects that you have to think about when buying new tyres are considerable. It must be remembered that the tyre is the only contact between your vehicle and the road. Your choice of tyre can significantly impact your vehicle’s performance, from stopping distance, cornering to handling on wet roads. We have put together a short but handy guide to purchasing new tyres.

Always double-check the size, speed and load rating of your tyre

If you are calling Wrexham Service Centre to get a quote on new tyres, then knowing your tyre size is very important in order that we can quote you correctly. You can supply your vehicle registration, and we can check it for you, which will allow us to offer you a selection of tyres in different price brackets. When checking the tyre wall, the information is presented in the following order Width, Profile, Rim, Speed and Load.

Tyers make a lovely couple

Ideally, it would be best if you bought your tyres in pairs. There are many reasons to have your tyres fitted in pairs, from the balance, for example, if you have a tyre with 4mm on one side and the other with 8mm, then the balance won’t be correct, this could result in a rough ride. Stability is/can be affected; this could result in an erratic drive at best and difficulty to control in an emergency at worst. It is also necessary to make sure that you have the same tyres of the same size and brand on each side of the axle. You shouldn’t mix winter and summer tyres either. So when you next need new tyres, we strongly suggest just like Noah on the ark you buy them two by two.

Original Equipment (OE) fitment

image of sports car wheel

Tyre and vehicle manufacturers work closely to come up with the optimum tyre for your vehicle. With premium or high-performance brands, there would have been a very close collaboration, and the suggested tyre would have been finely tuned and matched for that particular vehicle. Manufacturers will always recommend that you purchase an OE tyre because of the time spent and the technology used tailoring the specific tyre needs for your vehicle. This is by no means compulsory, but it is worth checking if your vehicle is still under warranty that it doesn’t become invalid if you purchase another brand or a different tyre.

EU rating what's it all about?

It has been compulsory to display the EU tyre ratings on every tyre sold. This labelling demonstrates the tyre’s fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise performance. The tyre’s fuel efficiency is measured on its rolling resistance (how long it take for a tyre to spin around to the same point). The longer it takes, the more fuel it takes to power the wheel. As a tyre’s rolling resistance is accountable for 20% of fuel consumption, it can be cost-effective to purchase a higher-rated tyre.

EU Tyre ratings card

Time of year, should I buy winter tyres?

Image of winter tyres

In short, winter tyres will improve traction, grip and braking in slippery conditions. They are designed to work better than summer tyres in temperatures below 7°C. Also, their unique tread pattern means they will perform better in the wet, reducing aquaplaning as their extra-deep tread helps the tyre disperse more surface water. In the UK, there is always a gamble on this investment as our winters can be quite mild. On the other hand, if we have a hard winter, they are worth every penny. Although, once temperatures rise above 7°C, performance can be significantly weaker. You will experience increased braking distances and less grip on bends, increased road noise and increased wear rates, so make sure once the weather has improved towards spring, you exchange the winter tyres for summer tyres.

Premium, mid-range or budget?

Cost! We know it plays a significant factor in the decision-making process. Tyres are no different to other multi priced item’s you get what you pay for’.

Premium brands are at this level because of the knowledge, expertise, money, time and materials in developing the ultimate tyre. They will have perfected the best balance of ride, ultimately the best handling and produce the least road noise.

Mid-range tyres are what you would expect; they sit in the middle of premium and budget. They offer more in the way of performance and wear compared to budget brands. They benefit from the same development of a premium tyre but manufactured using cheaper materials.

Budget brands can mimic the look of more expensive brands, so when thinking about the purchase of a budget brand, it is not the look that you should take into consideration. It is the compound and quality of the rubber used, which affects the stopping distance and overall lifespan of the tyre.

picture of a marque car

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We have access to 1,000s of different types of tyre, and our fitters have vast knowledge in fitting them. We will be able to find a tyre that fits your needs, your budget and your vehicle. For more help and access to a tyre supplier in Wrexham, call and speak with one of our friendly advisors