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At Wrexham Service Centre, all our mechanics are fully qualified and skilled in every aspect of vehicle repair, servicing and maintenance. If you are looking for a garage in the Wrexham area to repair your vehicle, one that is affordable and always remains competitive, then give us a call on 01978 265660.

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Who knows when a vehicle is going to break down? Sometimes you can get some warning, maybe a knock in the engine or a squeak from a wheel, but what about when your car suddenly breaks down! Well maintained vehicles can sometimes develop unexpected faults, so in essence, no one knows.

It can typically be a significant inconvenience to your daily routine when your vehicle breaks down unexpectedly. At Wrexham Service Centre, our fully qualified mechanics will get you up and running and make sure your repairs are done promptly, maintaining your car’s reliability.

All our mechanics are fully trained in using the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment, allowing them to identify and resolve any issues with your vehicle quickly. Our aim is to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Some of The Services Provided

FREE REPAIRS CHECK – If you have a worrying noise or problem that you can’t identify, don’t delay, use our free repairs check and put your mind at ease.